The brand began in 2011, but the inspiration started when we got our first Big Wheel. 

Day 1 - Rode Big Wheel around.
Day 2 - Built ramp.
Day 3 - Hospital visit.

We were hooked, the quest for bigger and better was on.

We were and are always looking for ways to stand out - on the street or surf. We decided to make a brand that shows how we see and feel about the world we live in.

Hudson River Surf Club was created to represent a lifestyle not a demographic. This group can’t be defined by age or gender but by attitude. The brand is for those that see the world differently; the adventurous, the risk takers. Our brand is inspired by those bold enough to seek a challenge and conquer it.

HRSC is a representation of the people we identify with. So if you like our stuff or have any comments, hit us up. 

Thanks for actually reading this.